10 Tips for Styling a Fierce Festival Outfit

Festival season is coming, and with it comes fierce outfits perfect to wear as the season heats up. Half the fun of going to a festival is styling outfits that showcase the latest trends. Festivals are also a great opportunity to take a break from everyday fashion and have fun trying out some different looks. To help you on your festival fashion journey, we compiled a list of 10 tips those style gears cranking for your next festival outfit.

1. Reflect who you are

It’s fun to get creative with festival styling, but you still want to feel comfortable and confident in what you’re wearing. As you check out different festival looks, see if there are ways to incorporate elements that really reflect who you are and that let different parts of your personality shine. You might choose to keep cooler with a flowy outfit or opt for athleisure wear instead, like a fitted bralette and some checkerboard leggings. Either way, make sure you stay true to yourself.

2. Fringe is in

Fringe has become one of the defining elements of an excellent festival outfit. Find a fringe jacket to layer over any outfit you put together, and you’re good to go.

3. Keep it real

Wearing an awesome rock T-shirt could be a great choice as a long-time fan of the band. However, if you’re just wearing it to try and pull off a certain look but don’t know anything about what’s on your tee, it’s not an ideal styling choice. It’s best to put together a look that’s authentic to you. In fact, if you aren’t comfortable with labels but want to be comfy, opt for something chic like big earrings with a T-shirt dress and some casual shoes to make walking easy, instead.

4. Don’t be afraid to shine or sparkle

Whether your vibe is a bright embroidered hoodie or a sparkly vest, don’t be afraid to stand out from the crowd. Combine these with fleece shorts, stand-out shoes, and a waist pack to keep everything secure. Want to sparkle a little more? Add some glitter and sparkle to your makeup and outfit. You can paint your face, arms, or legs with some fabulous body glitter or bedazzle your jean shorts before heading out.

5. Try a new hairdo

A festival is a great time to try something different, especially with your hair. Have you always wondered what you would look like with a lavender purple or a foxy grey pastel hair color? Now is the time to try it! These styles are in and will help you stand out even more — accenting any outfit you choose.

6. Grab a bucket hat

Bucket hats are in when it comes to festival style. Not only are they an excellent accessory for your outfit, but they are also practical, helping you keep the sun off your face when you spend long days outside. Bucket hats work for both men and women. In a men’s outfit, you might pair it with a graphic print T-shirt, shorts, and Van’s Old Skool casual shoes.

7. Accessorize!

Accessories are a great way to finish off any look. Plus, they can be practical for festival-goers. For example, a black crossbody bag helps you pull off your look while keeping all your belongings safe no matter where you go. Another great accessory for a festival? Summer shades are an excellent addition for both men’s festival outfits and women’s festival outfits.

8. Choose comfortable footwear

A festival isn’t about sitting still and taking it all in. You’ll likely walk miles and miles by the end of the celebration. Even getting from one stage to another can take a while, depending on the size of the festival. So remember: Choose comfortable footwear to carry you through the day. That doesn’t mean your footwear choice can’t still be stylish, though!

Luckily, practical footwear combined with a unique outfit is currently a trending fashion statement. Opt for some casual skater shoes to have a distinct vibe, or go the sandal route with some comfortable Birkenstocks. Worried about the temperature dropping at night? Stay comfortable with crew or quarter socks for an extra layer.

9. Consider the weather

Even during the warmer months, the weather can be temperamental. Stay up to date, so you don’t get caught off guard by harsh rays or pouring rain.

If it’s going to be chilly, you might need a long sleeve shirt if you want to stay comfortable. Pair these with graphic print shorts to stay temperate. And don’t forget about the extra hours you will inevitably stand in the sun on a festival weekend and add sunscreen to your essentials bag. It’s much more comfortable to slather some on day one than to regret it and be fighting the pain of a burn the rest of the celebration. If rain is predicted, stay trendy with a colorful rain jacket or make your statement piece a waterproof poncho.

10. Feel fierce with a makeup pop

No matter who you are, rocking a glam makeup look can complete your entire ensemble. The best part is that a festival is a prime time to try something crazy that you’ve always been wanting to give a go. Make colors pop and flair that cat’s tail eyeliner to make your whole fierce festival look come together.

Ready to Style Your Own Festival Fashion?

The biggest rule of thumb for festival wear is to choose an outfit you feel comfortable in — inside and out. Let your inner festival-goer shine through with warm-season essentials that can combine to help you feel fierce at any festival.

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