FLETCHER x Supply & Demand Exclusively at JD Sports

FLETCHER x Supply & Demand come together for something special!

Fletcher’s debut album, Girl of My Dreams has skyrocketed her career. Sold out shows, an international tour and plenty of amazing visuals that embody the album. But it doesn’t stop there!

On April 6, JD Sports will be launching an exclusive apparel collection designed by FLETCHER with Supply & Demand. The special collection pulls inspiration from themes of her “Girl of My Dreams” album alongside some of FLETCHERS’ favorite hues. 

We talked to FLETCHER about the upcoming release and the creativity that went into its creation. Check out the full conversation below and mark your calendars for April 6!

What’s it like collaborating on your first clothing collection with JD Sports and Supply & Demand?

It was super creatively fulfilling to collaborate on this collection over the last few months. I’m so happy it’s finally out in the world. I haven’t done something like this before and have been keeping it a secret! I hope the Fletch Fam feel cozy yet sexy like I do when I wear it! I like to be comfortable yet fashionable. I’m all about wearing something that works for all occasions because I’m always on the go.

How does this collection relate to music and your day-to-day life?

I am always on the move and touring around the world.
This collection is easy to be yourself both inside and outside. You can dress it up or down.

You released your debut album ‘Girl Of My Dreams’ last September and have been on multiple tours ever since. What is one of your favorite songs to perform on tour and why? 

‘Girl Of My Dreams’ – the title track of my album is my favorite to perform live. I get so sentimental singing that song for myself and hearing everyone sing the words back to me.

Authenticity and transparency is an important foundation in your music and art. How do you feel you express those same characteristics in your wardrobe or daily fashion decisions?

Honestly, honoring where I’m at on the day I wake up.

From fashion to music, what is the legacy you want to define your art?

Freedom to be myself unapologetically.

FLETCHER in Black Supply-Demand Top

FLETCHER in Black Supply-Demand Top - Back




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