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Come work with us! The JD FNL family is looking for dedicated employees to join our store teams and help our customers have the best experiences possible. We believe in roles that lead to growth and opportunities. Whether you are looking for a part time side hustle or a looking to dive right into your full time passion of sneakers, there’s something for everyone within our store teams. Tap into store opportunities here at jdsports.com/careers.

Savannah Frazier – JD, Mall at Fairfield Commons

Hi! My name is Savannah Frazier, I am currently the Assistant Store Manager at Fairfield Commons in Dayton, Ohio. I started with the company in October of 2019 as a Floor Manager. I love working for this company because of the opportunity it has given me to grow within. As a recent graduate of the JD Academy, I have seen first hand how JD invests in their people. Another reason I enjoy being a part of this company is the diversity throughout. Being able to meet many people from all different backgrounds and connect through sneakers & fashion has had a huge impact on who I am today. JD has set a new standard for sportswear and sneaker brands across the world, for me to be included in that is why I love going to work everyday. I am looking forward to being a small piece in the big puzzle for all that JD accomplishes over the next couple of years.

Dremaine Jackson – JD, Park Meadows Mall

My favorite part of working at JD is being able to connect with customers and colleagues over our shared love of sneakers.

Kitana Piansiaksone – JD, Park Meadows Mall

Working at JD Sports has helped me grow as a person and has helped me find a new career path I had never thought of considering. I have learned how to manage, multi-task, and make customers satisfied and smile at the end of the day.

Isaac Guy – JD, Polaris Fashion Place

I love working at JD because I get the opportunity to meet new people day in and day out. Networking and connecting to people in life that are in the position I want to be at all from helping decide on a shoe that best fits them. 

Miles Harrison Walker – JD, Park Meadows Mall

I love being a part of the JD team because I am really into sneaker culture. I love being able to provide comfortable, stylish and functional sneakers to the community. Sneakers are a big part of an individual’s life and providing the best choice is an honor. 

Check out the job listings in your area and take the leap! You never know what’s waiting for you in the next adventure and all the work perks along with it. We appreciate you rockin’ with the JD FNL fam. Give us a follow to stay connected, @jdsportsus.




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