Nike Air Max 95 Global Access

Exclusive styles from around the globe – only at JD

JD is bringing you some exclusive Nike Air Max heat from locations around the world. Air Max is more than just footwear, it’s culture. We tapped local collectives and talent in Paris, Milan, & Manchester to show off how the 95 fits their lifestyle. Learn more about them below & cop your pair here


The SIXTION collective are a group of music producers, artists and DJs that created a grassroots scene for Afro-Caribbean and Hip-Hop influenced music in Paris. Founded in 2019, they’ve quickly cultivated a lively and devoted following. They are renowned for putting on big events, their own festival as well as creating space for up-and-coming DJs and artists to hone their craft.


One Wheel Wavey is a London-based Monster athlete who takes BikeLife to the max. With a focus on dirt bike tricking and drifting, he’s a competitor and creator who’s making waves and carving out a niche at the high-powered end of the #BikeLife subculture.


The Collective brand was founded by British BMX phenom turned BikeLife pioneer Ryan Taylor who’s become a street-biking celebrity and mogul. His brand has produced a string of iconic wheelie bikes and sponsored a crew of top #BikeLife talent globally.

These collectives & talent represent different cultures of expression that are united by a love of all things Air Max. We’re proud to bring you exclusive AM 95 options from these regions, so take your pick and join the fam

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