What do Reebok kicks and Jurassic Park have in common? They’re timeless classics, and they’re together at last

Editor’s note: Jurassic Park is like some classic sneakers.

It took the world by storm when it dropped 30-plus years ago, and there have been new versions released since then, but the original has stood the test of time.

To celebrate the release of the Reebok x Jurassic Park sneaker collection, JD Style brought together two young freelance writers to discuss what the Jurassic Park franchise means to them.

Jake Sundstrom: When did you first watch Jurassic Park or become aware of the movie?

Grace Smith Rojas: The franchise itself is older than I am. I’m 22 and the franchise started in 1993 so if my math is correct, this franchise is about 28ish years old.

There’s no specific memory of me becoming aware of Jurassic Park and proceeding to become invested in it, for me it was more of an elementary school phase that led to my love for the franchise.

I think everyone knew a “horse girl” in school and well… I was a “Dino girl.” 9-year-old me needed to know everything there was to know about them which led me to Jurassic Park. As soon as I was presented with the concept I was HOOKED.

You probably grew up on the franchise, right?

Jake: I remember watching Jurassic Park on the little TV in my parents’ bedroom when I was 5 years old and was immediately *very* interested. I was definitely a Shark Kid, a Dinosaur Kid and at no point a Cool Kid. I checked out library books, wrote papers, was going to become a paleontologist, the whole thing.

I got into dinosaurs through Jurassic Park — it kinda sounds like the opposite for you: A Dinosaur Girl that became a Jurassic Park Woman, is that right?

Grace: Definitely. I was so in love with the concept of watching these prehistoric creatures I spent hours reading about intermingling with a human like myself that there was no time to waste. I mean how cool was it that a tiny human like myself could see her nerdy dream of being next to a dinosaur come true through a screen?

My first experience watching it is honestly a blur in my brain. The memory is mostly composed of feelings rather than actual thoughts about the movie.

Is watching the movies for the first time still something that lives in your childhood memories?

Jake: I distinctly remember going to Universal Studios in Hollywood shortly after seeing the movie for the first time and *desperately* wanting to go on the Jurassic Park ride but being about *an inch* too short. That was a devastating childhood memory (author’s note: he’s fine and mostly well adjusted). 

What keeps you coming back for more?

Grace: Oh god the Jurassic Park ride.

I remember going on that ride as a 10(?) year old. I was sitting in the middle of the boat going through all of the scenes full of different gentle giants until you got to the last part where a lifelike T-Rex (I think) would screech as you fell down the water slide. I only went on it once because I was too scared after. I think that’s the moment I realized I would not do well as a guest star in the movies (Sorry, Hollywood).

I think there’s a very specific reason why I keep coming back for more. Jurassic Park has brought together all of the science and history facts that my younger and older self loved and they molded it into a perfect cosmos of fantasy dinosaur chaos. 

Do you think the franchise has gotten the recognition it deserves?

Jake: The franchise made more than $5 billion globally (so far), the first film won three Oscars and they just opened *another* Jurassic World ride at Universal Studios in Orlando. All to say, I love this movie and clearly I am far, far from alone in feeling so.

Going to see Jurassic Park III in theaters was a huge deal for me because I was at the perfect age (11). If that had been the end of this series, that would have been fine for me. But I think it’s great that so many kids got a similar experience with these new movies that I got back in 2003. 

Grace: It’s always nerve wracking to watch the sequels of movies but they just keep getting better?

Do you think you’d survive in Jurassic Park? I feel like I’d be able to use my dino-girl knowledge to thrive for at least a week.

Jake: I don’t think I’d be well suited to surviving an island filled with apex predators. We’re talking about limited access to food, water and shelter and I don’t have my cool camping gear. I would die and it would be embarrassing. 

Let’s close with this: What dinosaur best represents your Vibe?

Grace: Pteranodon HANDS DOWN. I’ve always wanted the ability to fly because I hate running. What about you?

Jake: How I see myself: Velociraptor. Takes no shit, has lots of friends, works well in a team. 

How I actually am: Iguanodon. Takes some shit, more of a support role, trying his best.

Reebok x Jurassic Park sneaker collection

The past year has been a big one for Reebok when it comes to pop culture collabs.

Alongside the brand’s deep archive of retro basketball storytelling thanks to signature models from legends like Allen Iverson, Shawn Kemp and Shaquille O’Neal, Reebok has been pushing the nostalgia buttons pretty hard and throwing back to some of our other childhood favorites.

We’ve seen NERF, Candy Land, the Minions, Hot Ones and even Peppa Pig make an appearance on some classic Reebok models lately, and there’s another funky release in the pipeline.

This time around the brand takes us to the Lost World with the Reebok x Jurassic Park collection, releasing in Men’s and Kids’ sizing on 7/30.

You’ll be able to choose from three different silhouettes in adult sizes – the Classic Leather, the Instapump Fury OG and the Club C Legacy.

The Classic Leather is inspired by Jeff Goldblum’s iconic line, “Life finds a way” and features Jurassic Park prints on one half of each shoe and embossed black leather on the other half.

The Instapump Fury OG mimics the design of the brightly colored Jeeps that guests rode around the park in during the films, while the Club C Legacy was inspired by the “Mr. DNA” character which was used to explain to Jurassic Park visitors how dinosaurs were recreated.

Get something fierce for your feet when the Reebok x Jurassic Park collection drops in Men’s and Kids’ sizing on 7/30.



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