This One’s For Her*: A 3-Part Community Voices Series

This One’s for Her*

This past week in Times Square, we hosted an amazing and impactful live Community Voices panel. As we dive deeper into Women’s History Month, we continue to elevate the wide reaching influence of her and all who are inextricably tied – friends, family, community members and beyond. On March 17th, we’ll kick off a 3-part Community Voices series entitled “This One’s for Her*”. A specialized series of conversations for the dreamers, supporters and change makers who continuously leave their own footprint in the world. Led by those who love women, identify as women, support women, value women and are inspired by women. 

On March 17th, we will be joined by one of the most talented broadcasters and journalists in the sports world today, Taylor Rooks. We’ll be breaking down her career journey and how it feels to be such a skilled & inspirational woman in a male-dominated field as she continues to open the door for the Taylor Rooks of the future. 

Disability advocate and fashion model, Bri Scalesse, will join us on episode 2 of the three part series on March 24th. As someone who has experienced so much in her life, we’ll travel through the mission, inspiration and advocacy that Bri continues to strive for in her life/career. 

To complete the three part series on March 31st, We’ll be speaking with another special guest on March 31st to complete the three part series. Stay locked in with JD Sports on Instagram for some incredibly important conversations for Women’s History Month and a heartfelt THANK YOU to all of the amazing women that make the world go round everyday. 




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