Celebrating Black-Owned Brands: Live Life Nice

Live Life Nice’s clothing represents its company mission and dedication to positive messaging. Started by Christian Crosby, a former marketer for the Philadelphia 76ers, the brand has created a following that embraces minimalist content and focuses on what it means to do nice things in the world. Learn more about the brand, its founder, and the new “Change the World” collection — exclusive to JD Sports.

Who is Christian Crosby?

Christian Crosby is a Philadelphia-based public figure and one of the founders of Live Life Nice. Crosby grew up in Philly and South Jersey. He worked in marketing for the 76ers for 10 years but didn’t like how the media focused on the negative aspects of a story. When Crosby decided he wanted to do something to change this negativity, he didn’t see it as a business at first. Instead, he saw Live Life Nice as a platform that would focus on the good, but not necessarily something that would bring him profit. Today, Live Life Nice is a digital media and apparel company that attempts to counteract the negativity in the world by helping people focus on the good. 


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History of Live Life Nice

The Live Life Nice brand was launched in 2014. The startup is mostly known for its hoodies, beanies, and tees, which come in various shades of black, white, and gray emblazoned with the word “nice” in cursive, and they sell out almost immediately. However, Live Life Nice is about more than just clothes. They are also a cause-driven apparel company whose purpose is to inspire, empower, and motivate people to do nice things

To continue that mission beyond just the material goods, Live Life Nice created an Instagram with nearly 19,000 followers that shares positive and uplifting stories from around the internet. 

In addition to feel-good content, they focus their effort on different causes where giving back will make the most impact. Some of their recent campaigns have included donating sporting equipment and raising $10,000 for the Boys & Girls Clubs, selling 150,000 masks to donate to The Philly Pledge & Philabundance, and donating $3,500 for the Color of Change. Additionally, they’ve inspired 100,000 letters to overseas military service members, donated about 1,500 pairs of shoes to Goodwill, and collected hundreds of toys for CF Charities.

More importantly, the brand does all of this while keeping the printing of its garments local, in Clifton Heights, New Jersey, and it sources its materials from other brands that ensure “nice” business practices.  


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The Exclusive “Change the World” Collection

The “Change the World” collection is all about how simple acts of nice can change the world. The inspiration for this collection focuses on affecting the world through positive change and how little acts can change a mood, a day, or a life. From the start, the brand has always been about empowering change and trying to shift focus from the negative things in life to the positive. Shop Live Life Nice today and learn more about Black-owned brands that are inspiring their communities through fearless self-expression and subversive thinking.



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