Marvel shakes up the monster-verse

Marvel Studios has been on a roll this year closing out stories we love and opening up the realm of possibilities for the multiverse & introduction of new heroes.  The latest heroes are introduced via the newest special by Marvel ‘Werewolf By Night’ which brings Elsa Bloodstone & Jack Russel into the fray. Jack Russel is a monster hunter with an impressive kill count and ‘secret’ persona, while Elsa Bloodstone is the estranged daughter of famed Monster Hunting family the ‘Bloodstones’.

Without spoiling anything the ‘Special Feature’ kicks off with monster hunters uniting at ‘Bloodstone’ Manor after the death of Elsa’s estranged father, Ulysses Bloodstone. All of the hunters have impressive kill counts and have gathered to earn the right to wield the ‘Bloodstone’. The stone in Marvel lore gives the user the ability to control any monster in the stone’s presence, immunity from Vampire bites (Cue Blade), healing, & increased strength. 

So a worthy prize for any experienced monster hunter, the story progresses and introduces to the famed monster Man-thing along with revealing other secrets along the way. What I love is this story was well paced and self contained so you don’t worry about the other Marvel movies and series. It also sets up the universe for the return of Blade, after confirming vampires exist in the Marvel universe. The stage has been set for the Midnight Sons; which is a team consisting of Werewolf by Night, Blade, Moon Knight and a character hinted at in the end of ‘The Eternals’ played by GOT Kit Harington ‘Black Knight’

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