New Year, New Styles: Fresh Drip in 2023

Like all new beginnings, 2023 is already showing signs of some major trends across fashion and footwear. Keep reading to find out what’s hot and how you can up your game on your own 2023 fashion.

Trending Styles in 2023

From the latest sneaker trends to which garments will dominate your everyday wardrobe, here’s a look at some of the top trends this year.

Loungewear is Here to Stay

We saw loungewear become the uniform of choice in 2022, with sweatpants and sweatshirts dominating everyday wear. In 2023, this trend isn’t going anywhere. Style mavens around the globe are swapping sharp silhouettes for all things slouchy, soft, and oh-so-comfortable.

For men, it’s all about Nike’s Tech Fleece range, which features an oversized and roomy fit, along with the next-level softness that fleece offers. For women’s loungewear in the new year, brands like adidas are high on the radar. Think oversized crewnecks (like this adidas Oversized Crewneck Sweatshirt) and the relaxed fit that oversized joggers offer.

Of course, loungewear doesn’t just end at sweatshirts and sweatpants. Embrace the 2023 fashion trend from head to toe with footwear that’ll take you from the comfort of your living room to the bustling city streets. Slip on some Crocs Classic Clogs or a pair of Jordan slides, then turn up your loungewear level with a snug pair of socks.

Sports Luxe Takes It Up a Notch

Once reserved for courtside or the gym, sportswear is now gracing everywhere, from the catwalk to clubs. Rather than reserving your favorite pair of leggings or your cropped sports jacket for your next workout session, make it your New Year’s resolution to take your athleisure up a notch.

So what can you expect from this fashion trend in 2023? For women, think of a Juicy Couture OG Velour Hoodie paired with a Siksilk basketball dress and Jordans with metallic accents. Or, this standalone adidas Jeremy Scott Off Shoulder Dress perfectly encapsulates the latest trend.

Men can embrace the sports luxe trend too by opting for jogger pants with metallic sheen (like these Nike Fleece Cargo Joggers) or pairing their favorite basketball jersey with plenty of bling.

’90s Minimalism Revival

Fashion trends are cyclical, meaning what was once cool decades ago is sure to come back around at some point or another. In 2023, ’90s minimalism is making a comeback, proving that when it comes to fashion, less really is more.

This trending style in 2023 is all about clean lines, matching sets, and comfortable fabrics. It’s about garments that are (ironically enough) trend-resistant, allowing them to stand the test of time and serve as wardrobe basics for years to come. If you need some style inspiration, look no further than the iconic wardrobe of Gwyneth Paltrow in the movie Great Expectations or the outfits often donned by Brad Pitt during the era.

Key pieces include singlet dresses (like this Nike Ribbed Dress), men’s cargo pants, and, of course, the classic bucket hat — which has made a huge comeback in recent times and won’t be going anywhere anytime soon.

Basketball Sneakers as Statement Pieces

Sneakerheads rejoice! Basketball sneakers have always been high on the style agenda, yet 2023 is catapulting them to new heights. This year, it’s all about embracing the shoe as a signature piece in your outfit, whether that’s incorporating loud and proud styles or wearing more subtle clothes to let your classic basketball sneakers shine.

You don’t have to be a baller to wear the iconic sneaker style, so be on the lookout for popular products like Jordan Retro 13 Basketball ShoesNike Blazer Mid ’77 Vintage Shoes, and retro Nike Dunks. Like all good sneaker investments, these styles are sure to stand the test of time.

Magenta as the Color of the Year

Pantone recently announced Viva Magenta as their 2023 Color of the Year, meaning you’ll be seeing it in everything from marketing and interior design to (you guessed it) fashion. While there’s no need to rush out and fill your wardrobe with the animated pink-red shade, you might look for ways you can bring the color into your outfits through signature items.

It could be as simple as a pair of gloves (like these Etip Recycled Gloves from The North Face) or incorporating magenta with some new kicks, such as Reebok Classic Juicy Berry Sneakers in Proud Pink or Cardi B Slides in Mars Red.

However, if you’re someone who likes to go all-out with trends, then opt for a matching tracksuit in magenta, like these Supply & Demand Cargo Joggers with matching Gamble Pullover Hoodie.

Soccer Silhouettes Make a Comeback

Here’s another look to add to the top sneaker trends of 2023: Soccer-style sneakers have been spotted on celebrities like Kendall Jenner, Hailey Bieber, and Bella Hadid — whether paired with a long, figure-hugging skirt or slouchy pair of track pants.

This comes as no surprise after the recent success of the World Cup, and now, this soccer-inspired fashion trend is making a splash in 2023 — particularly with the revival of the adidas Original Samba. Other styles of soccer sneakers proving to be popular in the new year include the adidas Gazelle and adidas Superstar.

How Will You Embrace These 2023 Fashion Trends?

Now that you know what styles will be big in 2023, it’s time to decide how you’ll embrace these trends in your own authentic way. Love loungewear? Ramp it up with slouchy new garments from your favorite brands. Thinking about adding a pop of color to your wardrobe? Hop on the 2023 Color of the Year bandwagon and put your best foot forward in shades of magenta.

Of course, with a new year comes fresh new styles for men, women, and kids at JD Sports. Check out our top trending products to get in on the action.



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