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Timeless is defined as something that is not affected by the passage of time or changes in fashion. It’s the reason why some of our favorite styles from the past never truly stay out of style. The timeless retro styles of the past come back around and reset the time within the evolution of fashion. This is reflected in the current retro tech styles of today. Retro styles never die, they just evolve.

One retro running shoe that has become increasingly popular over recent years is the New Balance 2002R. The shoes first appeared in 2010 as the tech-upgraded predecessor to the New Balance 2001. The company crafted the shoe in their USA factories featuring special materials such as nubuck, mesh and the full-length N-ERGY sole. One of the key features to the comfort of a 2002R is the N-ERGY sole that was borrowed from their 1906 runner. Today, the 2002R continues to stand out across all footwear consumers who value daily comfort, quality and style.

Some of today’s biggest names and brands have added their specific storytelling to the silhouette such as JoeFreshGoods, thisisneverthat, Gore-Tex, Kith and more. Outside of collaborations, New Balance has designed some of the most popular general release designs like the “Protection Pack” and “Lunar New Year”. It’s safe to say, the retro tech sneaker trend is back and here to stay for quite some time. 

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