Ten Years of Supporting Special Olympics Champions

Our 10th annual in-store and online campaign benefiting Special Olympics kicks off on November 17 and runs through January 2. Through our signature program, Fit Forward, we provide Special Olympics athletes with thousands of properly fitted sneakers. In order to receive the sneakers, athletes complete vision, dental and other health checks to earn their pair. The donations raised this holiday season provide free health screenings, coaches, mentors, and implementation of Unified Champion schools.



Each year, JD Sports volunteers support Special Olympics athletes with high fives, endless cheering and new sneakers. 

“I love being a part of these events, it gives us a chance to create warm moments that last a lifetime,” said Rachel Luna, Dallas Fort Worth City Manager. “Time is not always money. That day our time was worth over 170 smiling faces, you can’t buy that.”

Throughout our ten year partnership with Special Olympics, we have:

  • Donated $12 million
  • Volunteered 28,000+ hours
  • Fitted 8,000+ athletes in new sneakers

Help us spread unstoppable joy this season by donating at JD in-stores or online!



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