Nike Air Max 2090: Tina Bauer x Summit White


Christina Bauer, also known as Tina B Draws, produces colorful, thoughtful art covering a variety of topics, including self-empowerment, body positivity, and helping people to be shamelessly self-confident. Her work is supercharged with energy, freshness and positivity—just what the new ‘Summit White’ Air Max 2090 is all about.

“My main inspiration is people—anyone with conviction and a voice”. No doubt, Tina’s artwork presents an intriguing crew of bold characters. “The three-headed body represents radical inclusiveness, where different minds work in synergy to move together”.

“The ‘Flower boy’ pays homage to the shift in music and pop culture around gender stereotypes, a tribute to iconoclast artists like Tyler, the Creator, Frank Ocean and Little Nas X, whose styles have opened up to new forms of non-binary self-expression”.

But Tina’s favorite character is the ‘Old lady with dog’—designed to remind people that “It’s never too late to reinvent yourself and experiment with your look and persona. Life in fashion is performance art at any age”. 

Are you ready to experiment with the new Air Max 2090?

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