JD Sports 2020: The Year in Features

Here at JD Style, we decided to try something different this year.

Alongside our regularly scheduled content informing you of upcoming sneaker releases and highlighting the best in apparel and accessories, we wanted to expand our repertoire.

We’ve collaborated with a diverse roster of writers to bring you more stories from the intersection of sneaker culture, sports and entertainment that our consumers, social followers and readers are interested in.

Below are some of our best pieces of work for 2020, organized by category. We hope you enjoy them!


Freedom to express: The arrival of Air Jordan

Dallas-based freelance writer Mike Taddow took a deep dive into the legacy and evolution of the Air Jordan to commemorate the 36th anniversary of its on-court debut.

Checkmate: How the iconic Vans Checkerboard Slip-On persisted through the ages

Canadian writer Emily Latimer dug through the sneaker history books to learn more about the iconic Vans Checkerboard Slip-On and its place in kicks culture.

Repping your hometown: The best city-inspired sneakers

London-based freelancer Nicola Davies took us around the world for a look at some of the hottest sneaker “city packs” out there.

(photo courtesy Nike)


Dream Team time machine: The best basketball team ever assembled won gold on this day in ’92

Another hoops-related anniversary, this time with staff writer Alijah Landing looking back at the 1992 USA Basketball “Dream Team.”

Why is Michael Jordan the NBA GOAT?

For those of you that might not be as familiar with the greatness of Michael Jordan, we gave you a Cliffs Notes version on why he’s considered the greatest of all-time.


Sports is theater: A review of ‘The Last Dance’

Arguably one of the pieces of TV programming that stopped folks from Maine to San Diego this spring was the release of the ESPN documentary The Last Dance, chronicling Michael Jordan’s final season with the Chicago Bulls. Our man Jayson Buford finished off 2020 with a look back at the six-part series.

Turn it up: Yo! MTV Raps debuted on this day 32 years ago

To celebrate the 32nd birthday of one of the most iconic cable TV music video shows of all time, we took a trip down memory lane and explored the history of Yo! MTV Raps.

What We’re Watching: ‘Glow Up: Britain’s Next Make-Up Star’

JD Sports copped a little cameo in this Netflix reality series. No spoilers!

What We’re Watching: ‘Ted Lasso’

Another streaming TV appearance for JD Sports came on Apple TV+ with the arrival of Ted Lasso. This was the wholesome series America needed this year.

Lace ’em up: Six iconic pairs of video game footwear

Freelance video game journalist Brittany Vincent broke down some of the most iconic shoes in video game history, from killer heels to iron boots and everything in between.

Putting the ‘sole’ in ‘console’: Five pairs of video game-inspired kicks

Brittany Vincent flipped the script on the aforementioned piece, shifting her focus to real-life sneakers inspired by video games.

Why doesn’t MJ have more video games? Chaos in the Windy City may explain why

Freelancer Bryan Bejarano takes it to the rack in this deep-dive review of an officially licensed Michael Jordan video game that, for understandable reasons, has been long forgotten.

Fresh Kicks, Hot Art feat. Nike Air Max 2090

To celebrate the arrival of the futuristic Nike Air Max 2090 silhouette, we collaborated with some cutting-edge visual artists to bring the sneakers to life in another dimension. Check them out below.

Come fly with me: A nostalgic look back at the Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater series

Back in September, I waxed nostalgic and threw it back to my early teenage years when the demo for the remastered Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 1+2 dropped for consoles. Spoiler alert: the game is good as hell.

Social Responsibility

One cannot recap 2020 without acknowledging the social uprising that took hold of our country over the summer.

This wasn’t just about the words. This was our obligation to act. Our commitment to support our customers, employees and the communities we live in. Together, we formed our plan for action and invited our readers, followers and consumers to be a vital part of it.

Louder than Words: Our Commitment to Act

We confirmed our stance against racism, bigotry, hate and violence. We also shared our obligation and commitment to act. Then we were pleased to share the first short term step in our action planning.

Louder Than Words: Our Continued Support

With the next step in our commitment/responsibility to being a better ally, we chose to highlight and amplify Black voices within our community. Each week since June 19, we have hosted an IG Live conversation with a guest who has helped us dive into important topics about the #BlackLivesMatter movement. You can watch every episode at the link above.

Join the JD Youth Foundation in support of Special Olympics champions this holiday season

In November we kicked off our ninth annual holiday giving campaign. Through our program, Fit Forward, we provide Special Olympics athletes with thousands of pairs of properly fitted sneakers.



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